Quartet of Spanish musicians with a long background in historical informed interpretation, Ensemble Trifolium arise with the desire of spreading the repertoire of the Baroque and Classical Eras on period instruments, emphasizing the southern Europe on the limits of the 17thand 18thcenturies: the time that marked our contemporary culture.

The members of Ensemble Trifolium studied and were trained at conservatories of Spain, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy and U.S. and they possess a long experience with ensembles like El Concierto Español, Seville Baroque Orchestra, Salamanca Baroque Orchestra, Il Rossignolo (Italy) Academia Montis Regalis (Italy), La Paix du Parnasse (Portugal), having performed in Spain (Festivals of Madrid, Soto del Real, Salamanca, etc), Italy (Festival Antiqva, Bolzano) and Portugal (Centro Cultural Belém).

The release of string quartets by L. Boccherini received the highest reviews of the specialized music magazines in Spain (Scherzo, Ritmo, Melómano) and Germany (Klassik Heute).

Their next recording projects are the premiere of works by composers of the Court of the Bourbons in Spain by the end of the 18thcentury.

“Such decision of phrasing, such expressive spontaneity and so much intelligence make all together of this recording a reference version” Blas Matamoro, Scherzo magazine, June 2018

“Sound of pure string quartet” Gonzalo Pérez Chamorro, Ritmo magazine, June 2018

“Soulful interpretation, depth of focus an incisive joy (…). Technical and dynamic refinement” Christof Jetzschke, Klassik Heute, December 2018


Year 2020


  • Monday 10th – Vigo. Teatro García Barbón, 20:00


  • Sunday 8th – Avilés. Centro Niemeyer, 12:oo
  • Monday 16th – Lugo. Círculo das Artes, 20:00
  • Tuesday 17th – A Coruña. Teatro Rosalía de Castro
  • Thursday 19th – Martos, Jaén. 14ª Semana de Música Sacra de Martos
  • Saturday 21st – La Cabrera, Madrid. Día Europeo de la Música Antigua, Centro Comarcal de Humanidades Sierra Norte


  • Friday 1st – Bernardos, Segovia. Fundación D. Juan de Borbón
  • Saturday 9th – Madrid. Festival de Música Antigua de Madrid, Teatro Fernán Gómez


  • Saturday 21st – Festival de Música Española de Cádiz
Carlos Gallifa

Violin I

Sergio Suárez

Violin II

Juan Mesana


Javier Aguirre


Luigi Boccherini. String Quartets

Luigi Boccherini (1743 – 1805)

String Quartets – Cuartetos de Cuerda


Carlos Gallifa, violín
Sergio Suárez, violín
Juan Mesana, viola
Javier Aguirre, violoncello


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